Angewandte Grammatik

Applied Grammar Relating to the First Reading Comprehension

25/220 Marks

German Grammar



The Angewandte Grammatik section of the exam tests your grammar skills and generally requires knowledge of noun genders, cases, adjective endings, and verb forms. Explanations for all of these will soon be available in our Grammar Section

The content for this section is taken from the first reading comprehension of the written paper, so it’s important that you are familiar with as many nouns and verbs (in all their forms) as possible! If genders of nouns are your weak point, head over to our Gender Trainer and see what your high score is!

In general:

  • Always learn the gender of nouns along with their definitions. A noun without a gender is almost useless in German!
  • Make sure you are familiar with all 4 cases (nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative) and the transformation definite and indefinite articles go through. E.g. der –> den —> des –> dem.
  • Know the prepositions and the cases they take! E.g. die Schule –> nach der Schule.
  • Learn both the perfect and imperfect versions of the past tense! Don’t just pick your favourite.


Have a look at the Angewandte Grammatik sections on the right-hand side and see how they appeared in previous years. Use the Dictionary Widget to help you with vocabulary you don’t understand, and have a look at the answers afterwards to see how many you got right!

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