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There is, unfortunately, no definitive way to neatly organize German nouns into “Der”, “Die”, or “Das” categories, which makes the task of learning them a lot more difficult. However, there are some guidelines that can help you (see table below). In the beginning, it is extremely important to learn every noun as a gender-noun pair (der Hund, not just “Hund”) – this will make your life a lot easier in the future!

To see full lists of the nouns used in the above game, check out our German Vocabulary section and click through the various topics.


Male people:

Der Lehrer
Der Polizist
Female people:

Die Lehrerin
Die Polizistin
Small children:

Das Baby
Das Kind
Days, months & seasons:

Der Dienstag
Der September
Der Winter
Most flowers, trees & fruits:

Die Rose
Die Palme
Die Birne
Most metals:

Das Gold
Das Silber
Das Eisen
Verbs used as nouns:

Das Rauchen
Das Kaufen
Das Trinken
Nouns ending in:

- ig
- ling
- ant
- us
Nouns ending in:

- schaft
- eit / keit
- ei
- ie
- ion
- ung
- ik
- ur
Nouns ending in:

- ment
- um
- chen
- lein
Most nouns ending in:

- en
Most nouns ending in:

- e
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