General Conversation

40/100 Marks

German Oral

German Oral Exam – Ordinary Level – General Conversation


The General Conversation section of the German Leaving Cert Oral Exam is worth 40 marks out of 100 and is absolutely nothing to worry about! It is one of the 3 sections that must be covered in a 15 – 20 minute time frame, which means that there is really not much time for surprises. Make sure you are confident speaking in simple sentences and don’t try to whip out anything fancy that will only confuse you and cost you valuable marks.


Generally speaking, there are really only 7 topics you could be asked to talk about:


Yourself & Your Family

Area You Live In


Learning Languages

Future Plans


Time Spent in a German-Speaking Country


Click through the topics on the right-hand side and familiarize yourself with some vocabulary and phrases!


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