German Verbs: Environment

German Verbs: This page contains a list of common German verbs you can use when talking about the environment. Read through the list online or download it in PDF format for use in school or at home! Play the vocabulary memory game to help you learn, and try your hand at the interactive verb test below.


This German verb game will help you to memorise all the verbs in the environment vocabulary list. Press the “enter” key to check answers quickly and move on to the next word. If you don’t know the answer, you can still continue with the game and try another noun.

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Below you will find the full list of environment-related German verbs that forms the database of both the memory game and interactive test. Click “Open PDF” to view / download a handy PDF version.

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abbrechento break away / offseparable verb
abholzento deforest, logseparable verb
aussterbento die outseparable verb
austrocknento dry up / outseparable verb
auswandernto emigrateseparable verb
bauento buildverb
bedrohento threatenverb
beeinflussento affect, influenceverb
beitragento contribute, add toseparable verb
belastento strain, burdenverb
beobachtento observeverb
bergento rescue, salvageverb
bestätigento confirmverb
bestrafento penalise, fineverb
betreffento affect, concernverb
beziehento obtain, draw fromverb
blasento blow (e.g. into air)verb
einhaltento abide by (rules)separable verb
erfassento sweep awayverb
erforschento researchverb
erhöhento increase, raise (e.g. price)verb
erkennento realise, recogniseverb
errechnento calculate, computeverb
erschwerento complicate, impedeverb
erwärmento warm upverb
geschehento happenverb
gewinnento extract, obtainverb
haltento keepverb
leidento sufferverb
liegento be located, lieverb
lösento solve (problem)verb
messento measureverb
missachtento violate, disregardverb
nachweisento prove, establishseparable verb
produzierento produceverb
profitierento profitverb
reduzierento reduceverb
regnento rainverb
reinigento clean, purify, cleanseverb
rodento clear (land)verb
schadento damageverb
scheinento shine (sun)verb
schmelzento meltverb
schneiento snowverb
schützento protect, defendverb
schwebento hang (in the air)verb
sich weigernto refusereflexive verb
steigento increase, riseverb
sterbento dieverb
tragento carry, wearverb
überfischento overfishverb
überlebento surviveverb
überschreitento exceedverb
überschwemmento flood, overflowverb
übertreffento surpass, outdoverb
umsiedelnto resettle (population)separable verb
verändernto changeverb
verbrennento burn, incinerateverb
verdunstento evaporateverb
verlangsamento slow downverb
verlierento loseverb
vernichtento destroyverb
verpflichtento obligate, forceverb
versagento failverb
verschmutzento polluteverb
verstärkento strengthen, intensifyverb
versuchento tryverb
vorhersagento predict, forecastseparable verb
wachsento grow (e.g. plants)verb
warnento warnverb
wehento blow (winds)verb
zusammenarbeitento work togetherseparable verb

German Verb List: Environment –

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