German Verbs: Dative Verbs

German Dative Verbs: This page contains a list of common German verbs that take the dative case. Read through the list online or download it in PDF format for use in school or at home! Play the vocabulary memory game to help you learn, and try your hand at the interactive verb test below.


This German verb game will help you to memorise all the verbs that take the dative case. Press the “enter” key to check answers quickly and move on to the next word. If you don’t know the answer, you can still continue with the game and try another verb.

  • ä
  • ö
  • ü
  • ß
  • Uppercase


Below you will find the full list of German dative verbs that forms the database of both the memory game and interactive test. Click “Open PDF” to view / download a handy PDF version.

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ähnelnto resembledative verb
antwortento answerdative verb
auffallento occur to sb.dative sep. verb
ausweichento avoiddative sep. verb
befehlento command, orderdative verb
begegnento encounter, meetdative verb
beistehento stand by, support sb.dative sep. verb
bleibento remaindative verb
dankento thankdative verb
dienento servedative verb
drohento threatendative verb
einfallento occur to, to think ofdative sep. verb
entgegnento reply, retortdative verb
erlaubento allowdative verb
erscheinento appeardative verb
erwidernto replydative verb
fehlento be missing, lackingdative verb
folgento followdative verb
gefallento like, be pleasing todative verb
gehorchento obeydative verb
gehörento belong todative verb
gelingento succeeddative verb
genügento be enoughdative verb
geratento turn outdative verb
geschehento happendative verb
glaubento believedative verb
gleichento be similar todative verb
glückento succeed, work outdative verb
gratulierento congratulatedative verb
helfento helpdative verb
lauschento overhear, listen indative verb
leidtunto feel sorrydative sep. verb
misslingento faildative verb
mundento tastedative verb
nützento be of usedative verb
passento fit, suitdative verb
passierento happen (to)dative verb
ratento advisedative verb
schadento harm, damagedative verb
schmeckento tastedative verb
schmeichelnto flatterdative verb
sich nähernto approachdative reflex. verb
trauento trustdative verb
vertrauento trust, confide indative verb
verzeihento pardon, forgivedative verb
weichento yield to, make way fordative verb
wehtunto hurtdative sep. verb
widersprechento contradictdative sep. verb
winkento wave at / todative verb
zuhörento listen todative sep. verb
zulächelnto smile at / todative sep. verb
zürnento be angry withdative sep. verb
zusagento agree todative sep. verb
zustimmento agree withdative sep. verb

German Verb List: Dative Verbs –

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