German Verbs: Travel

German Verbs: This page contains a list of common German verbs you can use when talking about travel. Read through the list online or download it in PDF format for use in school or at home! Play the vocabulary memory game to help you learn, and try your hand at the interactive verb test below.


This German verb game will help you to memorise all the verbs in the travel vocabulary list. Press the “enter” key to check answers quickly and move on to the next word. If you don’t know the answer, you can still continue with the game and try another verb.

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Below you will find the full list of travel-related German verbs that forms the database of both the memory game and interactive test. Click “Open PDF” to view / download a handy PDF version.

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reisento travelverb
reservierento reserveverb
absagento cancel, declineseparable verb
ankommento arriveseparable verb
abfahrento departseparable verb
mietento rentverb
bezahlento payverb
abholento pick upseparable verb
fliegento flyverb
landento landverb
sich ausruhento relax, restreflexive + sep. verb
vermissento miss (person)verb
aussteigento exit transportseparable verb
einsteigento board transportseparable verb
umsteigento change transportseparable verb
besichtigento visit (place)verb
besuchento visit (person)verb
bleibento stayverb
entdeckento discoververb
entwertento validate a ticketverb
erlebento experienceverb
fahrento travel by vehicleverb
sich sonnento sunbathereflexive verb
suchento search forverb
übernachtento spend the nightverb
verbringento spend timeverb
verpassento miss (e.g. a bus)verb
zeltento campverb
dauernto lastverb
erreichento reach, arrive atverb
losfahrento set offseparable verb
mitfahrento travel withseparable verb
wartento waitverb
erkundento exploreverb
genießento enjoyverb
packento packverb
buchento bookverb
schwimmento swimverb
kennenlernento get to knowseparable verb
verbessernto improveverb
lernento learnverb
probierento try (out)verb
besteigento climb, scaleverb
schleppento drag, lugverb
verlierento loseverb
umbuchento change bookingseparable verb
lebento liveverb
handelnto bargainverb
telefonierento phoneverb
anwendento useseparable verb
mitbringento bring alongseparable verb
wechselnto change (e.g. money)verb
fotografierento photographverb
sprechento speakverb
fragento askverb
sich erinnernto rememberreflexive verb
wohnento liveverb
tragento carry, wearverb
sich beklagento complainreflexive verb
sich verlaufento get lostreflexive verb
sich orientierento find one's bearingsreflexive verb
sich gewöhnento get used toreflexive verb
wandernto hike, walkverb

German Verb List: Travel –

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