German Verbs: Food

German Verbs: This page contains a list of common German verbs you can use when talking about food. Read through the list online or download it in PDF format for use in school or at home! Play the vocabulary memory game to help you learn, and try your hand at the interactive verb test below.

This German verb game will help you to memorise all the verbs in the food vocabulary list. Press the “enter” key to check answers quickly and move on to the next word. If you don’t know the answer, you can still continue with the game and try another verb.

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Below you will find the full list of food-related German verbs that forms the database of both the memory game and interactive test. Click “Open PDF” to view / download a handy PDF version.

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essento eatverb
kochento cook, boilverb
schmeckento tasteverb
trinkento drinkverb
backento bakeverb
grillento grillverb
frittierento deep-fryverb
bratento fryverb
röstento roastverb
räuchernto smokeverb
schmelzento meltverb
einfrierento freezeseparable verb
schneidento cutverb
mischento mixverb
zusammenmischento mix togetherseparable verb
erhitzento heat upverb
gießento pourverb
rührento stirverb
vorbereitento prepareseparable verb
schüttelnto shakeverb
waschento washverb
aufschlagento whip, beatseparable verb
anbeißento bite intoseparable verb
kauento chewverb
schluckento swallowverb
verdauento digestverb
genießento enjoyverb
fressento devour (like an animal)verb
fütternto feed (animal)verb
marinierento marinateverb
abspülento wash upseparable verb
vergiftento poisonverb
würzento season, spiceverb
salzento saltverb
süßento sweetenverb
brauento brew (beer)verb
schälento peelverb
streichento spread (e.g. butter)verb
anbrennento burnseparable verb
schlürfento slurp, sipverb
knabbernto nibbleverb
sich verschluckento chokereflexive verb
reibento grateverb
dämpfento steamverb
gammelnto spoil, go badverb
auflösento dissolveseparable verb
verpackento wrap, packverb
sich übergebento throw upreflexive verb
zunehmento gain weightseparable verb
abnehmento lose weightseparable verb

German Verb List: Food –

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