German Verbs: School

German Verbs: This page contains a list of common German verbs you can use when talking about school. Read through the list online or download it in PDF format for use in school or at home! Play the vocabulary memory game to help you learn, and try your hand at the interactive verb test below.

This German verb game will help you to memorise all the verbs in the school vocabulary list. Press the “enter” key to check answers quickly and move on to the next word. If you don’t know the answer, you can still continue with the game and try another verb.

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  • Uppercase

Below you will find the full list of school-related German verbs that forms the database of both the memory game and interactive test. Click “Open PDF” to view / download a handy PDF version.

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abgebento submit (work)separable verb
abschreibento copyseparable verb
anfangento startseparable verb
antwortento answerverb
arbeitento workverb
aufmachento openseparable verb
aufpassento pay attentionseparable verb
aufschreibento write downseparable verb
ausdruckento print outseparable verb
ausdrückento express, phraseseparable verb
beeindruckento impressverb
bestehento pass (an exam)verb
denkento thinkverb
diskutierento discuss, debateverb
durchfallento failseparable verb
erfahrento experienceverb
erklärento explainverb
erzählento tell (a story)verb
fehlento be absentverb
fragento askverb
genießento enjoyverb
hassento hateverb
helfento helpverb
ignorierento ignoreverb
korrigierento correctverb
lernento learnverb
lesento readverb
lösento solve (problem)verb
mobbento bullyverb
motivierento motivateverb
paukento cram, swotverb
probierento try (out)verb
prüfento examine, checkverb
respektierento respectverb
schaffento accomplish, createverb
schreibento writeverb
schwänzento bunk off (e.g. school)verb
sich bemühento make an effortreflexive verb
sich entschuldigento apologisereflexive verb
sich hinsetzento sit downreflexive + sep. verb
sich irrento be wrongreflexive verb
sich konzentrierento concentratereflexive verb
sich streitento arguereflexive verb
sich umdrehento turn aroundreflexive + sep. verb
sich verspätento be latereflexive verb
sich vorstellento imaginereflexive verb
sitzento sitverb
spielento playverb
sprechento speakverb
studierento study (3rd level)verb
teilnehmento take partseparable verb
träumento dreamverb
übento practiseverb
übersetzento translateverb
unterrichtento teach (a class)verb
verbessernto improveverb
verfassento write, draft, composeverb
vergessento forgetverb
verstehento understandverb
versuchento tryverb
vorbereitento prepareseparable verb
vorlesento read aloudseparable verb
wegräumento put / clear awayseparable verb
wiederholento revise, repeatverb
wissento knowverb
zeigento showverb
zuhörento listenseparable verb
zumachento closeseparable verb
zusammenarbeitento work togetherseparable verb
zusammenfassento summariseseparable verb

German Verb List: School –

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