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60/220 Marks

The second reading comprehension of the German Higher Level paper is an extract taken from a journalistic source such as a newspaper or magazine. The most important thing to note about this section is that the vocabulary is likely to be quite specialized and based on one specific theme. Be aware of grammatical features such as reported speech! Look out for updates in our Grammar Section, where we will be adding lists, flashcards, and interactive trainers.


The reading comprehension sections are worth the most marks in both Ordinary and Higher Level papers.

Bear in mind:

  • Accuracy is important. Marks will be deducted if you do not answer the exact question asked, no matter how much you write.
  • Marks are deducted for grammatical errors. The first section must be answered in German, which means your grammar will also be judged.
  • Read the questions carefully before you start to read passage. Jumping into the text straight away can be overwhelming when you don’t have an idea of what the topic is!
  • Underline what you are being asked in each question and highlight were answers can be found. This may sound like a waste of time but it will keep you focused and make sure your answers are accurate.
  • If the question does not specify length of answer a safe bet is to assume that at least three main points are needed. Writing essays will not get you more marks but three simple, grammatically correct sentences give you a much better chance of a favourable mark.
  • Students who practise comprehensions on a regular basis build up their skills and gain higher marks. By reading new material, looking up unknown words, and expanding your understanding of idiomatic phrases you prepare yourself for every section of the German exam, not just the reading comprehensions!


Have a look at the reading comprehensions on the right-hand side and see how they appeared in previous years. Check back soon for a dictionary widget and answer tips!

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